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Bubs Mix

Bubs Mix


Bubs mix is here - the viral candies as seen on Tiktok all the way from Sweden!


Our current mix includes:

Giant Cola Skulls

Giant Sour Skulls

Banana Caramel Ovals

Watermelon Ovals *SOLD OUT*

Strawberry Pomegranate Ovals

Raspberry/Blueberry Ovals *SOLD OUT*

Tutti Frutti Diamonds

Raspberry Lemon Foam Skulls

Pineapple/Passionfruit Foam Skulls

Bubblegum Foam Skulls

Mini Octopuses

Lightening Bolts


This mix is Vegan and Gluten free!


Available in sizes: 350g & 550g.


*Please note there is a slight increase in price due to supplier raising costs. As a high-demand product we only have a limited supply*

Out of Stock
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